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Guide To Authors

Preparation of Manuscripts 

1. The journal accepts for publication manuscripts of very high international standard containing reports of  original scientific research in the Fisheries, Hydrobiology and related Aquatic Sciences.

2.  Manuscripts should be written in English,  concise, original and must not have been published or submitted elsewhere for publication

3.  Manuscripts should be typewritten on one side of A4 size paper (210mm x 297mm) with Times New Roman font size 12. Typing should be double spaced with at least 3cm margins.

4.  Manuscripts should be organised in the following: Tile; Author(s) name(s); present address(es) of author(s), address which proof(s) and reprint request should be sent to (if different from affiliation); Abstract;   Key word; Introduction; Materials and Methods; Results; Discussion; Acknowledgement (optional),   References.

5.    SI Units should be used.



This must be concise and to the point.


Should be a brief summary of the methods used, findings and conclusions. Maximum of 200 words.

Key words                   

At the abstract page, a maximum of 5 keywords by which the work could be indexed should be supplied.

Table and Figures      

Authors are kindly requested to ensure that the typed tables should be made to get into quarto size paper. Very large tables should be split.


Only black and white photographs would be accepted for publication. Photographs should be in glossy paper and should not exceed 20 x 25cm. Names of authors should be written in pencil on the back of each plate.


This should be used only when necessary. They should be numbered sequentially and must be referred to in the text.


All publications cited in the text should be present in a list of references following the text of the manuscripts. Titles of journals must be written in full otherwise, all must be abbreviated in accordance with the 4th edition of the world list of Scientific Periodicals. Please use the following system for arranging references.


Davies, O.A.and Tawari, C.C. (2009). Season and tide effects on sediment  characteristics of Trans-Okpoka Creek, Upper Bonny Estuary, Nigeria. Agriculture and Biology Journal of North America *1(2):89-96.

 Text books:

Anthony, A. D. (1982). Taxonomy of Tropical Cichlids, First Edition. Jos University Press, Jos, Nigeria. 28p

 Work in an edited collection:

Smitherman, R. O. and Dunham, R. A. (1985). Genetics and breeding. In: Channel Catfish Culture (ed.: Tuicker, C. S.) Elsevier Scientific Publishing, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 283 – 316 pp.

 Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts should be submitted online or as email attachment through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Soft Copy

E-copy (PDF file) of the journal will be sent to corresponding author/chief author of each published manuscript.

Page Charge & Handling fee

A page charge of N2000.00 (US$70/£40.00) per printed page would be contributed by author(s) of all manuscripts(s). A handling fee of N3000 (US$105/£60) would be paid by author(s) for peer review of a manuscript. The page charge and handling fee may be altered at any time without pre-information.


The publisher, the Association and the Editors cannot be held responsible for any errors or any consequences arising from the use of information contained in this journal; the views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the Publisher, the Association or the Editors. The publication of advertisements in this journal does not constitute any endorsement by the Publisher, the Association or the Editors.


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